It is Cleanup Day Today

This is the time of year that I use to clean my files; my paper files, my computer files and my bio files (my mind).  By this time each year these said files are so cluttered with random information, thoughts and noise; the results of my attempt to capture all that there is to remember, or what I think are items worth remembering.  Yes clutter.  This year in particular has created much clutter.  I do not know if it is due to the increase in technology which makes everything available at the speed of light or because there are so many crazy things going on in the world.  In any event there is much clutter and I am one that needs to clean house and get things in order before I move forward.  I suspect that I am not in “this club” by myself. So today is cleanup day.

I do not know what 2013 holds for us but I feel deep in my spirit Eagles that drastic change is coming; I personally believe that it will be positive change for those of us that are in need for positive change and experiences in 2013.  I am expecting increase in wealth, increase in health, increase in relationships and well, just an increase in total holistic wellbeing.

So join me, clean up today and prepare to move strongly into 2013.

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