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I was virtually speaking to one of my Eagle friends recently about experimenting with different types of exercises. As someone who has just celebrated one year of being back on the fitness journal after being away for over 18 years I find most serious cardio exercises (you know biking, running and swimming) are hard to do but each day I push forward. For I have a dream/goal of weighing about 80lbs less than I did in 2011, having six-pack abs and participating in my first 5K run and iron man event soon. But I hate to run and I cannot swim very smoothly. So I do not make these activities a major part of my daily routine. I do not want to get discouraged, side tracked and quit all together.

I saw a post once somewhere in “social media land” that said “find the exercise that you have the most fun doing and make it yours.” For instance, for me it is power walking on a Life Fitness Treadmill. I walk as hard as some folks run slowly. I first conquered the maximum number of minutes that I can stay on (a year ago I could barely get to 15 minutes and level 0). Then I conquered the maximum levels or how high I could simulate climbing. Now I am adding weights to a back pack to simulate carrying heavy objects up this simulated mountain. I own it! But again I hate running, yet this activity gives me many of the benefits of running without some of the potential injuries.

So for now one core exercise is power walking. I burn lots of calories and am seeing major results on the scales and in the mirror. So Keep moving forward and find the exercise that you can own.
You will crave doing it and the results will be fabulous! #ProjectHealthySexyStrong2013 and #ProjectHealthySexyStrongForLife “Burning Calories, Extending Life.”

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