Endorsements and Testimonials

“Andrew is an outstanding leader, sought after speaker, talented strategist, brilliant businessman and accomplished citizen. More importantly, he is a hard-working, dedicated, caring, dutiful individual – one who puts the needs of others ahead of his own. Andrew accomplishes sophisticated goals and milestones of which others may not even dream. He has found a way to help people at all economic levels, across various sectors such as housing and entrepreneurialism, to better themselves in an enabling and empowering manner.”

Shaunice Hawkins
CEO, Evolutions Consulting, LLC

“Andrew Carr is an amazing connector! He brings the intelligence and warmth of personality to help you find the right resources. Andrew has a platinum rolodex that can open any door. It’s been truly an honor to count him as a friend over the years.”

Andrew Morrison
President, Small Business Camp

“Mr. Andrew T. Carr is a power source! He and I maintained contact after I appeared as a guest on his radio show. I was impressed by his commitment to the local, national, and global community. His willingness to share his wisdom and expertise is quite rare. Andrew was kind enough to take an hour of his time to help me bring focus and direction to my overall vision. As someone who invests so much of my time investing in the visions of others, to have someone sow professional wisdom into my life is priceless. Managing my two companies, I AM MORE, LLC and Revelatus Specialized Accounting & Consulting, felt like I was trying to mix oil and water. After speaking with Andrew, I was able to focus more so on my personal vision rather than the separate vision of the individual companies. My desire is to address injustice in both the social and financial/economic arena. This step back (so I could see the true picture) enabled me to see that the two companies complement one another quite well. In fact, they are one another’s missing piece. I am in the process of a complete branding overhaul. As I grow, I look forward to working with Andrew on a regular basis.”

Tonisha ‘Toni’ Pinckney
Founder and CEO, I AM MORE, LLC

“Andrew Carr is a true leader and community organizer. His combination of intelligence, strong interpersonal and networking skills, and work ethic have provided organizations like Rainbow Push and the Urban Financial Coalition with the leadership they have needed to grow and thrive. The numerous platforms that he has created for young leaders has served as models for many youth leadership development programs.

Andrew Carr is also a true friend who is there with you when there are flowing streams or troubled waters. He can be counted on to deliver excellence, good judgment and discretion. I highly recommend Andrew if one does not confuse action with motion….or talking as doing.”

George C. Fraser
Author, Success Runs In Our Race
Founder and CEO, FraserNet, Inc.

“I began working with Andrew Carr when he became Executive Director of the Wall Street Project (WSP) in 2004. Andrew and I closely collaborated on planning my organization’s presence and participation at the annual WSP Conference. We also worked together to strategically identify and promote opportunities for engagement with the WSP relative to our overall partnership.

Over the past five years, I have found Andrew to be a consummate professional, always delivering as promised. His corporate experience has proven to be invaluable in him understanding and navigating the sometimes difficult challenge of balancing the needs of a non-profit organization against the needs of a corporate entity.

I fully endorse Andrew for any business endeavor as I know he can and will be a valuable asset to anyone who engages him.”

Andrea Mason
(Retired) Director, External Partnerships, Global Workforce Diversity, Citi
Principal, AEM Partners, Inc.

“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Andrew Carr. Andrew and I have worked together for several years in a number of groups designed to achieve measurable goals for the betterment of the organizations that brought us together. He is a competent and skilled leader, and with such confidence he inspires those he works with. He is also sensitive to people’s needs, and yet, he is not afraid of making tough decisions in the midst of differing views. He is fully devoted to fulfilling goals and objectives of the institution/organization of which he is a part.

Andrew, a self starter is a capable and efficient business administrator and leads with integrity. He builds trust relationships with such qualities as honesty and integrity. He also builds trust through his collaborative leadership style. With this collaborative leadership style, he respects other peoples’ views and perspectives. He has worked with through tensions and conflicts which are common in relating to our mission partners.

If given the opportunity, Andrew will bring his excellence and collaborative leadership to any project he privilege to work.”

Clyde A. Anderson
Executive Director, International Affairs
World Council of Churches

“There are many words I could use to describe Andrew–Professional, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Loyal, A True Friend, Supportive, Giving, People Connector, Seeker of Knowledge, Mentor and Spiritual being.

Andrew T. Carr has been a very supportive member/advisor of the BDPA New York Chapter. He shared with others the important role that BDPA plays in promoting Information Technology for professionals, the community and with students.

In March, Andrew led a workshop for the Executive Board – “Leadership Tips for Volunteers in a Non-Profit Board.” He shared with us many tips from communication skills, membership growth, fundraising ideas and sponsorship opportunities.”

Renetta English
BDPA New York President

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Andrew Carr since 2009. He is one of the most influential and dynamic people I have met. I am an award winning toastmaster which makes me uniquely qualified to say that Andrew is great keynote speaker, moderator and panelist. I’ve served with Andrew in all 3 capacities.

I am an award winning toastmaster which makes me uniquely qualified to say that Andrew is great keynote speaker, moderator and panelist. I’ve served with Andrew in all 3 capacities.

One of the best in the game. He is the ultimate networking professional.”

Eric Hamilton
In video advertising & video monetization